The Team


We believe “love” is boosting your business development. We have built a perfect team with love and enthusiasm for representing your services in the Japanese market.

We work with professionals in the Japanese visual and print media, travel services providers, and others to ensure that you have the best team working in your behalf.

We are “cultural translators.” We translate English to Japanese professionally, but we recognize the importance of the cultural contexts of the target markets. We respect the culture and contexts of both clients and target markets and provide innovative solutions to develop your market in Japan.




Kanae Shiraishi – Director
Kanae Shiraishi was born and raised in Tokyo. She holds a Master’s degree in Tourism Sociology from Hitotsubashi University. She has fifteen years of experience in sales marketing and PR for the tourism industry, and a background of working with travel agencies, hotels, and travel media in Japan and Sri Lanka. She was born and raised in a farm family in Tokyo and loves yoga, cat, and sake.


David Ewick – Advisor
David Ewick is Emeritus Professor of Comparative Literature at Tokyo Woman’s Christian University and previously a member of the Faculty of Policy Studies at Chuo University in Tokyo and the Faculty of Letters of Konan University in Kobe. He received his PhD in English Literature at University College London. He offers English proofreading and support for consumer behavior surveys outside of Japan. Living in Japan for more than 30 years, he is a devotee of Noh, Butoh, sake, and sushi.


Shishimaru – Managing Director of Hooman Resources
Born in Gunma Prefecture, rescued from an animal hoarding site, and adopted as the Managing Director of Human Resources at KS Travel Consultants in 2017. He has remarkable skills in human resource management and provides Zen meditation practice as a company welfare program. He loves himono, Japanese dried fish.